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Introducing a sensuous experience to your life with our accessory “Paper Jewelry”.


 A delicate and elegant new sensuous accessory, "Paper Jewelry" is incorporating the unique advantages of paper. Chihiro Furugen is an exclusive designer of our company. Her metal allergy led to the inspiration of making jewelry that all women can wear with peace of mind." In 2007, it became our product and originated from her wish.

We carefully selected materials from more than 5,000 different kinds of Japanese papers. The hook portion of the necklace was repeated in over 60 patterns of trial and error and started selling at our shop from 2012.The necklace for women is made of 100% paper and the hook portion of the pierced earring is made of resin material. Therefore, even women with delicate skin can use it with confidence and it gathered great support from women with metal allergies.


Not only as non-allergic accessories, but also using beautiful cut-out design, light comfort, water resistance and flexibility of special paper, it's easy to use repeatedly and affordable price are the reasons why this jewelry is popular with women.
Also, because the package is A4 standard size, it is convenient for display on the sales floor, inventory management and distribution.The wallet chief for men is made by 100% paper and as multi-purpose paper item which never seen like it before. It can be used as a fashion item, as a simple wallet for inserting bills, cards and other items. Because of the material which is a paper, it is attractive for adornment of not only jackets, but also for breast pockets of shirts. As a product that has never existed before, it was introduced in television, newspapers and magazines all over the country. As a result, it succeed to reach out the high-end people in design industry and people who like something new. It become popular as gifts and presents.

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